Bi-monthly parent teacher meeting
Excellent team of professors and systematic teaching
Handwritten notes in easy to understand language
Teachers visit student's residence for doubt solving

SURESH DANI ‘S Classes is an institution focused on creating new benchmarks in the field of education. It is an institution focused on helping students realise their goals and their true potential. Suresh Dani’s Classes came into being on 1970 when Prof. Suresh Dani’s pioneers in methodical and systematic teaching of Mathematics, decided to join hands and start an institution with a philosophy of imparting quality education to science students. He believes that every student is a reservoir of tremendous energy which needs to be chanelised and given the right direction. This can be done by making students realise their hidden potentials...

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14 Jul


Felicitation ceremony of students of Std. X at Navinbhai Hall, Vileparle.


Melroy tellis
Suresh Dani Classes is the best class in Mumbai.The help is provided to students till last day of exam. (Phy-100/100, PCM-98%)
Melroy Tellis
gopal kalsaria
SDC is one of the best classes in Mumbai, because the really helped us throughout the year. They complete the whole portion before 4 to 5 mo...
Gopal Kalaria
Pradeep patel
Suresh Dani Classes is the best classes in Mumbai. The provide high quality of educationat reasonable fee. (M-99, P-97, PCM-96%)
Pradeep Patel
Aaquib sayeed
Students are like flowers and SDC teachers are gardeners. (M-100/100)
Aaquib Sayyed
Abhinendra singh
Suresh Dani Classes provides the best guidance. Very well known professors even visit student's home for solving their difficulties. It is t...
Abhinendra Singh
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